About Hans Hedemann

“Dependable pro surfer from Kailua, Hawaii; world-ranked #4 in 1983. Surf journalist Derek Hynd described Hedemann in 1987 as a “tenacious, [and] physical customer,” and also noted the Hawaiian’s non flashy “stoic approach.”

Hedemann was born (1959) in Honolulu, raised in Kailua, and began surfing at Waikiki in 1966. He started competing at age 17 with little success, turned pro at 18, and the following season, 1978, surprisingly, was named the world tour’s rookie of the year after finishing #14 in the ratings. Hedemann opened the 1983 circuit with back-to-back victories in South Africa—the first two wins of his career—and led the ratings for the first third of the season. He won his last world tour event in 1989, and retired at the end of 1990.
Friendly, reliable, and hardworking, Hedemann was sponsored at a higher level than many of the era’s better-known surfers; in 1986 he listed Beach Towne, Hawaiian Island Creations, Victory Wetsuits, Primo Beer, Ray-Ban, Astrodeck, Freestyle Watches, and a local Honda dealership as his backers.

Hedemann appeared in more than 20 surf films and videos, including We Got Surf (1981), Follow the Sun (1983), Wave Warriors (1985), and Shock Waves (1987); he also appeared in Universal’s North Shore (1987) and Paramount’s Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello reunion movie Back to the Beach (1987).

In 1992, he founded the Hans Hedemann Surf School Hawaii at Diamond Head.”

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