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Learn to Surf in Waikiki

Waikiki is one of the most incredible places for surfing, SUP lessons, bodyboarding, and more. The warm, clear waters are always inviting, and our friendly, talented staff are excited to share their watersports expertise during a fun lesson. Book a surf lesson with us today by choosing from the options below.

Being in business for over 25 years has made us one of Oahu’s top surf schools. When you book a surf lesson with us we guarantee that you will be surfing in just one lesson. Our instructors coach you through the process from points A-Z. They will be analyzing your technique and looking for areas that could use improvement.

We will be surfing at a popular beginner surf spot called Publics. This surf break is located right between the Waikiki Aquarium and Queens Beach. It’s known for its long left breaks and the gorgeous view of Diamond Head from the ocean. Our customers are in for a treat as all their tactile sensations will be pleasantly stimulated as they ride the gentle rolling waves in Waikiki.

Our surf lessons are roughly 2 hours long. Part of the lesson consists of on-land technique drills, stretching, and an overview of safety guidelines. The rest of the time will be spent paddling out to the surf spot, catching waves, and getting coached by our professional instructors.

Book a private, semi-private, or group lesson. If you want a personalized experience to shorten the learning curve, a private lesson is the best option for you. If you want a more social experience and are booking with friends and family, a group lesson is perfect for you.

We are also pleased to offer drone video footage and land photos of your lesson. Just let us know in advance and we will have our staff drone pilot and land photographer shoot your session.

Whether you’ve surfed a few times before and need to refresh your memory or you’ve never surfed at all, we’ve got you covered. For the surfers that want to learn more advanced techniques, we have surf instructors that can teach you how it’s done. We will coach you on everything from learning to catch your own waves, turning, and surfing different spots.

Reach out to us at 808-924-7778 and book your surf adventure in Waikiki today! Small groups, large families, and individuals are welcome. Suitable for ages 4 and up. All abilities welcome. Our surf coaches will specifically tailor each lesson to your needs.

Surfing is a fantastic sport to keep you in shape and connect with nature. Run by surf enthusiasts and surf professionals you are guaranteed premier services that will exceed your expectations. Each surf lesson includes a board rental with a leash, sunproof surf top, reef booties, and waves!

We also offer stand-up paddle lessons. Follow behind our instructor on a guided tour around Waikiki on your personal SUP board. A full-body workout and a guaranteed tan along with a scenic view of Waikiki’s skyscrapers.

Book with us today! Just call 808-924-7778. We are conveniently located in the Queen Kapiolani Hotel, right in the lobby and across the street from the zoo.

After a surf session,

we recommend eating at the delicious restaurant called The Deck, located right above us.